Our specific focus is to provide a one stop, cost effective service pertinent to  Brand Activations,   Promoter Management ,  Artist Management, Event Production & VIP management as required by clients

Brand Activations

Working with brand management, we conduct below the line promotions and activation based on brief. We secure access to execute and manage all promo activities aimed at the following platforms:

  • In-store activations
  • Off – trade Activations
  • Township Product launch
  • University Campuses &  Colleges
  • Taxi Ranks Activations
  • Shopping Malls ( Township Based )
  • Main Market  Brand  property sponsorship

Promoter Management

Our approach and attention to detail has helped over the years to  compile  a  well-managed data base of fully screened and individually interviewed brand promoters who regularly undergo training and are carefully selected for best brand representation for each campaign

Project Managers provide the support to all our promo  executions and are constantly out and about assessing our promoters’ abilities in the trade, ensuring smooth  implementation.  Compile  feedback reports  with digital photographs, sales and  send to clients.

Artist Management

We offer professional DJ’s and music System to support our promo teams. We have developed a firm relationship with Top SA musician over years and work closely with them as Brand  Ambassadors if required by client.

Event  / Brand Experiences

We have conceptualized and executed powerful memorable brand experiences for various clients over the years from :-

Concept Development > Logistics > Execution &  Management

  • Brand Experience Strategy
  • Branded entertainment
  • Event production & VIP management
  • Product launches (internal & public)

Predominates ages 18-34  and  big brands plays across these consumer groups, our  staff  has been trained to deal with this segment.